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How to maintain a healthy lifestyle whilst living on the road – One Day We Should

How to maintain a healthy lifestyle whilst living on the road – One Day We Should Meals on the Road Before we left I wondered- What we will eat while living life on the road? and Could we maintain our healthy lifestyle? Turns out -life on the road is extremely similar to ‘normal life’. It’s just a compact living space and we choose to cook our meats on a BBQ or campfire instead of an oven or cooktop. A typical #meal for us on the road: Meat and Salad- Tonight we enjoyed some homemade chicken nuggets and salad! Lunches...

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Milsy Pezwardo are travelling Australia, and this is their Campersway

Milsy Pezwardo is the latin alter ego for me! Millie Perry! I am a mum, wife, midwife & keen sewer from the Central Coast of NSW. I am an over-sharer, I use exclamation marks excessively & our facebook page started off as something silly to show people what I was sewing & turned into a little sewing/travelling page! In 2008 my husband Andrew & I set off for a ¾ lap of Australia. It was just us, our swag, my sewing machine and our 75 series Landcruiser Ute. In July this year we set off on our 2nd lap...

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DIY Campervan – TopGear

TopGear Motorhome Challenge * Jeremy compares two supercar convertibles, the Audi R8 and the Porsche 911 Turbo, and the Stig gives them lap times * The boys are challenged to build their own cool motorhomes and put them through a series of challenges * SIARPC: actor Andy...

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Don’t buy a drone until you watch this! – Campersway

  We hope you enjoyed these drone fails, are you in the market for a new drone? Then you need to read this! When picking out a starting drone, you’ll want to look mostly at durability, ease-of-use, and price. Durability is important because first-time users always have a few crashes, and you don’t want to trash your new toy when you’re first getting started. Ease-of-use is obvious – a high-end drone like the Phantom 4 might have a ton of great features, but to a beginner, those are just complications you don’t really want to deal with. And in case something does go wrong,...

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5 aussie travel apps

Since our last post, that being our 12 month budget update – we have had a lot of people message and ask about how we keep track and what Apps we use so we have compiled our top 5. 👮 Fuel Map Australia ➖ Particularly since leaving the East Coast, this has been awesome! We can plan ahead. Diesel can be up to 40c cheaper just 20km’s down the road. The savings are better in our pocket! 👮 👮 Google Maps ➖ A fair few people asked who we made the map through. 👮 Gas Finder ➖ Because why pay...

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