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8 must do’s on the Eyre Peninsula

1.Talia Caves tourist drive South Australia (just a short drive from Venus Bay) We drove straight past this place initially as we weren’t sure if the road was suitable for us towing our 3 tonne van! In short- Definitely YES the road is suitable for those towing large vans and Definitely YES you need to stop in there! 😱 HOLY WOW. this place was incredible! 2.Murphy’s Haystacks- Eyre Peninsula SA After a quick 2km detour off the highway. No hay anywhere to be found BUT we did find some amazing Granite boulders 😜 I think these were the highlight...

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Australia’s Whitest Beach – Esperance WA

Cape Le Grand National Park – Esperance WA   We arrived in Esperance at the same time as their apparent ‘first bit of bad weather’. That did not dampen our time spent in the Cape Le Grand National Park. The park is most well known for Australia’s whitest beaches! In the summer time, the kangaroos can be found sunbaking on the beach. Unfortunately for us, it was not bikini weather but we were ‘lucky’ enough to see one roo on the beach. We were also ‘lucky’ enough to see a massive Sea Eagle flying overhead and a lone seal...

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What Shocked Us About Wave Rock

We visited WaveRock today and it was pretty good BUT… I’ve gotta say we actually preferred Pildappa Rock (South Australia’s Wave Rock) We found Wave Rock, Hyden to be very commercialised. Galvanized staircases bolted into the rock, signage everywhere telling you NOT to do this and NOT to do that. For such an iconic rock you never hear about it looking or being like this. Only ever seeing those photos of ‘that amazing wave’. I feel It’s portrayed as something out in the middle of nowhere and left untouched. The rock was bigger (than Pildappa) but the actual wave...

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Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk Western Australia

Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk / The Ancient Empire While travelling Australia (as a family of 5) we just can’t do every tourist attraction. We like to keep our eyes out for the free and low cost attractions on offer. So when we stumbled across The Valley of Giants we were delighted to find they have 2 options. 1. A Tree Top Walk (roughly $60+ for our family of 5). 2. A #FREE self guided walk around The Ancient Empire forest. We loved the Ancient Empire- An informative walk explaining the history of the forest, the types...

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My VW Transporter Reno

Roxanne my VW transported came across my path with no campervan qualities besides her insulated walls. Having a clean canvas to build a sanctuary on wheels left me giddy with excitement. Her first homely feature was a bed with plenty of storage underneath to keep the van looking tidy with all our things hidden away. I didn’t want the bed to take up the whole van as I still wanted to be able to have the bench seat in when needed for visitors but also liked the idea of some space for one day establishing a bit more of...

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