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How much does it cost to go around Australia – CampersWay

 12 MONTHS ON THE ROAD  ➡️We’ve spent $35,919.20 in total.   Includes gas bottles, rego, phone bills, insurances etc etc.= $690.75 per week ———————————————- ➡️Total grocery bill is $7,205.77 = $138.57 per week ———————————————- ➡️We’ve visited 5 states so far.   Tom’s Favourite State – Tasmania  Mikaela’s Favourite State – Northern Territory ———————————————- ➡️Travelled 35,970 km’s. ———————————————- ➡️Most we’ve paid for diesel – $2.50/L⛽️ ——————————————— ➡️Total fuel bill is $6,833.13= $131.40 per week ———————————————- ➡️We’ve had one baby   Welcome to the Clan Milla ———————————————- ➡️Visited 124 playgrounds.  ———————————————- ➡️Collected 61 stubby holders.  ———————————————- ➡️We’ve gone through 8 pairs of thongs.•Leaderboard•  (3) Kane , Lucas...

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Ignoring The Brand Bigots

I’ve not been having a great time with caravan / camping forums and groups lately. It seems when i proffer information for essentially altruistic reasons, some bigoted old prick wants to go me for no reason other than affirming their self importance. You’d be forgiven for thinking that I appear a little angry. I probably shouldn’t get as angry as I do about the topic of this post, but I really have been driven to being incensed by a prevailing attitude on caravan and camping groups and forums. Campers Way is designed as a resource for low income survival...

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A Home Buyers Guide – Caravans

One of the most common questions I read in forums and groups is: “caravan, motorhome, or camper trailer?“ The question leaves me perplexed. Not perplexed as to the answer, but perplexed as to why people keep asking questions that there’s nothing like a definitive answer to. You know, I honestly believe that the purpose of the internet for some people, is accumulating the highest possible number of responses to their posts and kicking off the biggest blues! Of course there are benefits to all modes of on the road living. Caravans give you the advantage of a separate vehicle...

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Take a tour of the 2.5 million dollar RV 😍

Ever wondered what it would be like to live in a $2.5 million RV? Yes, there is such a thing. Motorhomes are getting more and more luxurious. At a recent RV show, we toured two Class A RVs that were well over a million dollars. The first – $1.5 million. The second, after taxes and fees, $2.5 million. Come tour them with us…but first, take off your...

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